One year to full language proficiency

We are ready to help you organize all English grammar in just four months, and make it possible for you to express any oа your thoughts in four or five different ways!
Let's talk about you!
If you are sure that
- English is an endless labyrinth of sporadic rules and exceptions
If you think that
- learning foreign languages isn’t your natural talent
If you are the person who
- memorized ‘the topics’ at school or university, but could not say a single phrase of your own

Why did it happen?

Because the school and university do not even try to present grammar as a whole with united and logically connected parts.

Instead, students waste time on meaningless study of topics, while grammar is either overlooked or taught inconsistently. This doesn’t provide students with a comprehensive picture.
About 90% of our students admit that they had problems with English because the grammar did not fall into place for them, their knowledge was fragmentary and contradictory. This caused confusion and unwillingness to speak.
Our approach
First of all, we show people who are "wounded" by school and university education that English is not difficult, and it is not something that one has to study endlessly.

We outline the scope of the language and break down the entire English grammar into 30 topics. Then, studying topic by topic, we create a comprehensive understanding of the English language.
How we work
  • English without gaps
    A course that builds a strong grammar foundation in 32 lessons, without leaving any gaps
  • Home tasks
    Homework assignments are well-balanced and scheduled throughout the week
  • Individual approach
    Individual lessons with a teacher where you work on pronunciation, listening and new vocabulary
  • Educational platform
    You’ll find your lessons and assignments at the world's best remote learning system
  • Sunday live lessons
    Weekly meetings where you will have the chance to ask your teacher questions and discuss grammar nuances in groups
  • Chat support
    You can contact our tutors any time while studying on the platform and ask for help
Lessons are designed to help you gain confidence in speaking
and at the same time see the complete picture of the language
We learn grammar to use it in communication
Study from anywhere, whenever
A clear roadmap for mastering the language, without gaps, from A to Z
While studying the language at the Churchill Club, English becomes your religion
— Feedback from our students
10 lessons
Basic grammar level. We start from the very basics. Here we will shatter all school misconceptions and set a rigid framework for the universal rules of the language. This is also where we’ll learn all English grammar tenses.
7 lessons
Here we will learn a lot of new and useful "tools". The major topics of this module are the Passive voice, Conditional sentences and the Modal verbs. This step opens up new features of the English language.
14 lessons
This module brings advanced topics: the gerund, the infinitive, complex object and complex subject. In the second half of the module, all previously acquired knowledge is "assembled" into a coherent, simple and consistent picture of the language.
See the full course description here.
32 lessons

The entire English course
26 practices

1:20 minutes

Average class time
15 lessons 1x1

Pronunciation lessons
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Full English course (32 lessons)
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Detailed feedback from teacher
Lessons 1 on 1 with a teacher
15 lessons on vocabulary and pronunciation
Lessons 1 on 1 with a teacher
15 lessons for practicing conversational skills
  • Full English course (32 lessons)
  • Ongoing chat support
  • Duration: 180 days
  • All options of the "Silver" plan
  • + Sunday practice webinars
  • + Tutor’s homework review
  • + Access to the school library
  • Duration: 180 days
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+ Lessons 1 on 1 with a teacher (15 lessons on vocabulary and pronunciation)

Duration: 180 days
Platinum +
All options of the "Platinum" plan

+ Lessons 1 on 1 with a teacher (15 lessons for practicing conversational skills)

Duration: 240 days
Years of teaching practice
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Positive feedback after training
Feedback from our students

Churchill is a place that radically changes the idea of ​​learning English! Everything complicated is simplified, and the language becomes a guide to a new culture and values, gaining liveliness and lightness! I am very grateful to Sergey for captivating and discovering "authentic English"! With all my heart I wish the club prosperity, new fans and, I hope, soon there will be field trips of the club with full immersion!

Studying English at the Churchill School for 4 months in the summer of 2017 turned out to be the most enjoyable and productive summer time. Before the Churchill school, I tried to improve my English, bought a lot of advertised courses, studied hard, but there were no desired results. I was lucky to get to study at Churchill School. I studied English throughout my life before the Churchill school, but only studying here gave me a clear scheme in learning the language. It turns out that English is very interesting, clear,  understandable and perfectly logical. But of course, such a sense of the language for us, students, arose thanks to the head of the school - Sergey Serdyukov and his team. The thoughtfulness and richness of each lesson is striking - the topics, the original thought-out methodology, bright exercises on each topic, arranged according to the level of complexity, the reduction of materials for each lesson into concise, understandable tables, practical exercises on each topic. Each lesson is 2 hours (120 min), flew by like a second and often lasted longer. At the lessons, everyone feels the attention of the teacher, not a single question is left out. Additional questions can always be asked on social media or by phone. All homework assignments are carefully reviewed and specific recommendations are given on how to correctly reflect the idea in modern English. I would especially like to note the very conscientious, benevolent and attentive attitude of Sergei Serdyukov to each student. His intelligence and patience is simply amazing! During my studies, I discovered that despite many years of studying English, I did not know many of the language tools that English-speaking people mainly use. And you can imagine how nice it is when you suddenly start to read an English text and understand it without using a dictionary at all and distinguishing the grammar used in the text. And what is very important, at the end of the course, you become the owner of this course in the form of videos and a detailed presentation of each lesson, practical exercises for each lesson with full links to the source, a full illustration of all grammar in the form of tables, a huge selection of reading materials, audio materials (with texts) and video materials, selected according to the level of complexity. In addition, you can always get advice at the school on any issues related to the English language. I studied and continue to study (Advance level) English at Churchill School with great interest and pleasure. If you really need a good level of English for work or casual communication, come to Churchill School. You will not regret it! And you can try learning the language at Churchill School and make your impression in 4 free lessons (4 days in a row for 2 hours (120 min).

The best English school in RuNet that I have come across. Explains everything clearly and appropriately. I am very grateful to the Churchill school and I recommend it to everyone.
I would like to note the professionalism of the teacher, his attention to the questions of the audience, and patience.
In general, everything is fine, I liked the approach. It is comfortable to study if you already have some level. You don't go in circles. The material is well chosen, all the best is squeezed out of other courses and training materials. Thanks!
It's great when a person who is passionate about his work teaches. Thank you for a new perspective on learning English.
After our classes, a system finally appeared in my head and an understanding of how, when, what and why to apply. I have the motivation to go into the real world equipped with this knowledge and start using the language in everyday life! The format is wonderful, and in general "Churchill" happened at the right time in my life! Thanks.
Friendly pleasant atmosphere, a lot of new and useful information. It's great that you can contact someone at any time and get answers to your questions.
Sergey, thank you for the efforts invested in the creation of the Churchill Club! I would like to note the attention and sincere interest of the teacher to the students, to the problems that arise in the learning process.
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